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    In Springfield Public Schools, our goals are ambitious, and our vision is clear: Every student will graduate with a clear path for success.

    A quality core education creates success
    We offer a strong core educational program across all of our schools. Reading and math are our priorities. Our K-12 Literacy Initiative focuses on reading as the gateway skill to other learning.
    Every elementary student receives at least 90 minutes of reading instruction each day. In addition to core instruction, programs such as the nationally recognized Gift of Literacy that benefits every first-grader and the Oregon Battle of the Books program for students in grades 3-12. Both programs help further inspire students to continue reading.

    Community partnerships extend educational opportunities
    Whether it's afterschool programs coordinated by Willamalane Park and Recreation District or science programs funded by local utilities, our district looks for ways to engage the community with our students to enrich their education. Thanks to our partners, we’re proud that we can add to our existing physical education program by offering a variety of sports for our middle school students.

    Arts and music enrich all students
    Arts matter in Springfield. Music instruction is available at every school at every level. Whether it’s established band or choir programs or guest artists using visual arts or theater to help integrate the arts into classroom learning, all of our students have access to a variety of arts opportunities.

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