School Delays and Closure Info

    <Información sobre el cierre de escuelas por causa de mal tiempo – en español>

    <Families, get bus snow route information here.>


    Our district uses the FlashAlert.net system
    to inform the community about current delays or closures related to inclement weather conditions. Information is sent directly to local media and shared through the district's communications venues.

    Tip: Bookmark the FlashAlert page for direct access in the future, or sign up on the FlashAlert site to receive email alerts. Please note that text messaging is no longer supported due to the inconsistency of cell service delivery. However, families are encouraged to download the FlashAlert Messenger App to receive push notifications.

    We suggest that you not rely on any single source of information, however. If the weather conditions are questionable, or if for some reason the FlashAlert service is not working, you can try checking the district's Twitter or Facebook feeds, the district's website, or local radio or TV stations: KEZI-TV 9, KVAL-TV 13 or KMTR-TV 16.

    About Springfield Public Schools Weather Policies

    When do we know: If snow or ice is predicted, designated staff take to the road between 4:00 and 6:00 a.m. to assess travel conditions on the bus routes. They also take radar maps and forecasts into account. The goal is to determine by 6:30 a.m. whether schools will be closed, on delay, or operating as usual.

    If you don’t hear any information about Springfield Public Schools, you can assume that the schools are operating on their normal schedules. However, the decision of whether to send your child to school always rests in your hands. If you do not feel that it is safe to transport your child to school, contact the school to let them know.

    After-school activities: If schools are closed on account of weather, all after-school activities are cancelled, including athletic games, practices, and building rentals.

    Snow routes: If conditions warrant it, families who live at certain higher elevations may need to bring their child(ren) to a lower elevation to catch the bus. The district has developed snow routes that may be used if hazardous road conditions exist. These snow routes may change from year to year. Click here to view this year's snow route information when it becomes available.

    Other info: Any additional information or variations will also be communicated via the FlashAlert system.