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We want to help you get your questions answered! To reach someone at a particular school, go to School Contact Info. Or, check out the list of frequently asked questions below, follow the link, or, if you still need help, call the number shown. If you have more general questions, visit the Department Contacts page. You can also visit individual departments to see a list of staff members.

How to Reach the District Office
The Springfield Public Schools District Office is located at 525 Mill St. in Springfield. <Get directions>

To reach the district office reception desk:

Call (541) 747-3331
Fax (541) 726-9555

  • Three of Thurston High's four robotics teams have advanced to the February superqualifier event. The top teams in February will go on to the state tournament. Player 1, Phalanx 3093 and Toga Party 10428 will each move on, and the teams are working on a plan to include the members of the newer fourth team so that they can gain experience.

    The teams began at the beginning of the school year, accepting the challenge of building robots to meet this year's First Tech Robotics Challenge. At each event, the teams first go before a panel of judges, displaying their storyboard of their project and sharing their inspirations. They also need to submit their engineering notebook documenting their work from the design idea to implementation. Finally, their robot will compete against other teams to accumulate points based on performance. Teams can also get extra points for spirit.