Is Dual Immersion Right for Your Family?

  • The dual immersion program truly incorporates the entire family. Students learn language during the day, while parents are encouraged to learn language by night. Children who have a love of learning, age-appropriate language development, and support and encouragement from home will find success in the dual immersion program.

    Your child is a good candidate for the dual immersion program if he or she:

    • Is developmentally on target in his or her native language
    • Expresses an interest in different people, places and things
    • Wants to become fluent in Spanish and English

    The program is a good fit for families that:

    • Value other cultures – the people, art, history, etc.
    • Support learning a second language and encourage practicing the language
    • Are willing to participate in school projects and activities
    • Are willing to commit to at least six years of program participation

    There are many reasons families will choose to participate in the dual language program:

    Career opportunities, multicultural appreciation, and/or the ease of becoming bilingual at an early age.

    Parents, however, are the key to the success of any program.

    All families who enroll in this program show a commitment to support their child at school and at home.

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