PBIS at Guy Lee

  • Guy Lee is a caring community that perseveres to learn, achieve and succeed. In order to be a true caring community, Guy Lee, along with Springfield Public Schools, has adopted a system of positive behavior interventions and supports (PBIS).

    PBIS is a school-wide system of common language and behavior expectations that the kids know as our "School Rules."

    You may hear your student come home and tell you that they were Safe, Respectful and Responsible during the day.

    When students know exactly what it looks like to be Safe, Respectful and Responsible in all places around the school, and are acknowledged for their appropriate behavior by adults, a school climate is created that emphasizes safety and positivity.

    Be Safe 

    Keep hands, feet, objects to self.

    Be Respectful 

    Treat others the way you want to be treated.

    Be Responsible

    Follow directions the first time.


Tiger TALL graphic
Be Kind posters
  • Social Skills Themes

    Each month, we teach students a different social skills theme. For example, our theme for the month of October is "Fall"owing Directions. Parents can help us reinforce this theme by talking to their children about learning to listen, focusing attention, following directions and being respectful.