Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB)

  • About OBOB

    The Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB) is a statewide reading competition for students in grades 3 through 12. Students can team up (generally in groups of 4) to read the books selected by the volunteer state committee. The program at Centennial is organized and run by our amazing librarian, Chris Phillips. 

    Timeline: Books for the following year are generally announced each spring. Teams generally form and begin practicing together in the fall. School battles are typically in February. The winning team will advance to the regional tournament, typically in March.

  • Our Teams 2023


    The Ring Readers:

    Jacob, Nova, Mariano, Alex

    The Wind Runners:

    Tyler, Yunden, Liam, Brooklyn


    Olivia, Kaia, Payton, Hayden, Ryan

    Red Raptors:

    Zach, Ryland, Hunter, Grayson


    Addison, Rhianna, Noelle, Tayvin

  • 2023 Tournament Schedule

    Feb. 6

    • 9:00 AM: Game 1 - Red Raptors vs Muggles
    • 9:30 AM: Game 2 - Ring Readers vs Wind Runners
    • 1:30 PM: Game 3 - Muggles vs Sassy Dinos

    Feb. 13 [ second-chance bracket ]

    • 9:00 AM: Game 4 - Red Raptors vs Ring Readers
    • 9:30 AM: Game 5 - Wind Runners vs Muggles
    • 1:30 PM: Game 6 - Sassy Dinos vs Ring Readers

    Feb. 15

    • 9:40 AM: Game 7 - Wind Runners vs Sassy Dinos

    Feb. 17

    • 2:00 PM: Championship assembly: Muggles vs Wind Runners

    March 11

    • 9 AM - ?: Regional tournament, South Eugene High

    Tournament shall be televised via Google Meet. The Meet Code will be shared with families.