• A3 Transition Information

    On the evening of Monday, March 12, the district notified the Academy of Arts and Academics Governing Board leadership of their intent to revoke the existing charter agreement, returning the governance and oversight of the program to the Springfield School District, effective June 30, 2018. Following a collaborative meeting the two parties have agreed to the timing of the disolution to minimize impact on current students, specifically those on track to graduate this spring.

    Functionally, the Springfield School District along with the A3 Governing Board will amend the current charter agreement to transfer decision-making, governance authority, along with contractual obligations and oversight from the non-profit to the Springfield School District. This change will dissolve the governing board, shift functional oversight to the district and still allow the time needed to process the legal elements required of the dissolution.

    This district, as clearly articulated in the recent strategic planning process by the School Board of Directors, is committed to providing multiple paths to successful graduation and recognizes the value of alternative programming. An arts focused, project based alternative option is one of many pathways towards student success, and the district remains committed to the programming option. That said, it is abundantly clear that the current governance structure does not provide the oversight and protections for students that we expect of any programs in our system.

    To ensure that we offer our students multiple safe and successful paths towards graduation, I have instructed staff to begin to identify opportunities that bring together all stakeholders of the current program for facilitated conversations about the future. I will return to share that plan with the board as it is solidified.

    I wish to thank the board for their support and commitment to the safety and success of all students within our system as we navigate this challenge.

    A public email address as well as a webpage have been established to ensure that we capture and address questions and concerns throughout this process.

    Email: A3Transition@springfield.k12.or.us