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  • Enhancing science instruction in Springfield Public Schools

  • Water and Energy Science

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Two students standing next to a stream, and taking a stream sample with pole and bottle.
  • Contact Information:

    Stephanie Lawless, Project Coordinator

    Thurston High School

    333 58th Street, room 133A

    Springfield, OR 97478


  • The WELL (Water and Energy Learning Lab) Project is a science grant operated by the Springfield School District since 1998 and funded annually by the Springfield Utility Board. The grant supports hands-on instruction in the areas of water and energy science. Support comes in the form of teacher training workshops, development and implementation of new curriculum materials, assisting with classroom instruction, organizing and providing instructional support for fieldtrips, funding for materials and equipment for science projects and recruiting, training and supervising the middle school and high school advanced water teams. The program focuses on improving the delivery of education in our district and offering students the opportunity to conduct field research and monitoring on local watersheds. The WELL Project has been recognized with several state and national awards.