Arrival & Dismissal Guidelines

Bus Drop-off
  • Arrival

    • Students need to arrive at 8:25 each morning. Supervision will begin at 8:15. 
    • Students will not be allowed to arrive early and congregate on campus (e.g., near the Cafeteria/Gym)
    • Only current Yolanda students will be able to pass beyond their assigned grade-level drop-off gates, parents/guardians cannot bring their children to their classrooms
    • Students who arrive at 8:15 will wait in the gym until 8:25 when classroom doors open


    • Students will exit through their designated gate. 
    • Adults can wait in their car in the pick up line for their student, or park and walk to the gate. Students must walk with an adult across the parking lot. 
    • Walkers/bikers must use the sidewalks and crosswalks to safely leave campus. 
    • The office must have written permission to have your child picked up by someone other than yourself or if they need to get off the bus at a different stop
    • If you need to make a change to your child's way home, please call the office before 2:30
    • Please try to make the way home for your child as consistent as possible to avoid confusion for them and us