Yolanda Library

  • Students who visit the Yolanda Elementary School library are encouraged to explore their personal interests both through reading books and guided online activities.

    A love of reading is promoted through reading incentive programs like Battle of the Books, a school-wide competition for students in grades 3-5. Library staff models reading fluency through reading books out loud as a whole group. This helps students gain confidence in their reading skills during guided book talks in which students summarize and share the books they are currently reading.

    Students in grades (K-2) can check out one book at a time; when students are in (grades 3-5) two books can be checked out at a time through the Destiny library system. Destiny allows students to search for books, read reviews, exchange recommendations with other students, put books on hold, and create book lists. By checking out books, students can explore their interest areas while at the same time they learn how to be responsible library patrons.

    Students can access online research materials through OSLIS, which is the state-sponsored database subscriptions of magazines and reference materials.