• ASB and class officers for the 2020-2021 school year are as follows: 

    ASB President- Mieli Ward

    ASB Vice President- Wyatt Tiller

    Senior President- Katie Dorman

    Senior Vice- Micah McGillivray

    Junior President- Brooklyn Ramirez

    Junior Vice President- Leah Siefke

    Sophomore President- Jaelyn Dunlap

    Sophomore Vice President- Joseph Horton


    Welcome to THS Leadership!

    This year we are going to focus on bringing back the school spirit and community we are known for.
    We want to create activities and events that are inviting for all groups. We want to be a resource for
    all students to voice their opinions. Our class will be focusing on trying to accommodate students' needs,
    in order to make this school a place everyone feels a part of.