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  • If you are new to the Springfield district, WELCOME!  If you are returning, WELCOME BACK!  

    Springfield Public Schools uses the ParentVUE system for online registration and access to attendance, grades and report cards. Registration is a great time to make sure your contact information is up-to-date to ensure that you will receive important inclement weather and emergency notifications and other communications from the district and your school.

    Families are encouraged to register before the end of the current school year if possible to help the school plan for next year and give the office time to process the information before summer break.

    If you have questions or need help with the registration process, contact your school. Administrative secretaries are in the office for a few days after the end of the school year (exact dates vary by school) and return mid-August.  


    Begin enrollment with ParentVUE:

    Enrollment for new families:

    - Families new to the district (have not enrolled a student with the district before)

    Enrollment for current district families:

    - Current families (those who have an enrolled student and are registering for next school year or adding a student)

    Enrollment for returning families to the district:

    - Returning families (those who previously had a student in the district and are returning


    Complete your enrollment from anywhere and upload documents by taking a picture with your phone on the ParentVUE app:

    Android ParentVUE app          Apple ParentVUE app

    Transferring into the district?

    Online enrollment for those transferring into the district is open year-round.

    Enrollment is processed through your child’s new school. Once you register online or turn in your paper application, they will take care of getting your child's records transferred to their new school and will be able to provide you with information about transportation. Please plan on having proof of address available when you enroll. 

    Moving in summer?

    Enrollment is open all summer long with online enrollment, but because our schools are either closed or have limited hours/staff in the summer, you may not hear back until staff returns in August. 

    ParentVUE FAQs:

    ParentVUE - Preguntas más frecuentes en español

    “I forget if I have an active ParentVUE account or not. Can I just make a new one?” 

    No, your ParentVUE account gives you access to update your student’s records. A new account would not be connected to our existing records and may delay your registration.


    “I’ve tried to recover my password but I’ve never received the reset email, is the system broken?”

    There are a few reasons you may not receive a recovery email. One possibility is that you need to activate your account which involves setting a username and password. Another problem may be a typo in your name or email address that we have on file. Both problems can be resolved by school staff. Please call your school secretary to check on your account. They can help you activate, reset passwords, or unlock an account if you have entered the wrong password too many times.


    I am a new SPS parent but after I answered the three questions it is saying I already have an account. How can I get back to the questions to try again?“

    The webpage remembers your answers. There are two options to get back to the questions. One option is to clear your browser cache and then try creating an account again. The other option is to try again using “incognito” mode, private window or “Privacy Mode”.


    Why don’t I see all my children when I login to ParentVUE?“

    “Why do I have two ParentVUE accounts, each with one of my students?”

    Usually this issue is caused by duplicate parent accounts for the same parent. A new account could have been created at the middle school as well as the elementary level or high school level. To resolve this please contact your school secretary or registrar to make sure we have only one account per parent and all your household’s children associated with that account. 


    “Should my partner and I both have ParentVUE Accounts?”

    This is a personal preference as our system is flexible enough to work with your unique family structure. There is no problem with each parent being active in ParentVUE.


    “I am co-parenting, will ParentVUE work for my student’s custody and educational rights?”

    ParentVUE is designed to work with any family structure and includes tools to ensure your students' data is shared or protected as needed. If you need to make significant changes to a student’s custody or educational rights, please bring your paperwork to a school or district office to ensure our records are accurate.

Online Registration Tutorial

How to Activate a ParentVUE Account

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  • Call your school if you need help

    Elementary Schools

                Centennial Elementary 541-744-6383

                Douglas Gardens Elementary 541-744-6387

                Guy Lee Elementary 541-744-6391

                Maple Elementary 541-744-6395

                Mt Vernon Elementary 541-744-6403

                Page Elementary 541-744-6407

                Ridgeview Elementary 541-744-6308

                Riverbend Elementary 541-988-2511

                Thurston Elementary 541-744-6411

                Two Rivers Elementary 541-744-8865

                Walterville Elementary 541-744-6415

                SPSOnline/Brattain Online 541-726-3298

                Yolanda Elementary 541-744-6418


    Middle Schools

                Agnes Stewart Middle 541-988-2520

                Briggs Middle 541-744-6350

                Hamlin Middle 541-744-6356

                Thurston Middle 541-744-6368


    High Schools

                Academy of Arts & Academics 541-744-6728

                Gateways High 541-744-8862

                Springfield High 541-744-4700

                Thurston High 541-744-5000