• Enrollment/Boundaries

    Nearly 11,000 students are enrolled in Springfield Public Schools. 

    School Boundary Info

    There are a few ways to find out what your neighborhood's schools are.

    Look it up online:

    Click here for a tool that will allow you to look up schools by entering an address. (Please note that this is an external site, but their demographic information is kept current.) Click the links below to see maps for future school years.


    Here's how:

    1. Select "Identify my School District and Schools." Click "Go to the Next Step." (The other option is "Who are my elected officials"--another handy tool.)

    2. Enter your address in the box indicated. (If you have problems finding your address, we suggest leaving off the "Street" or "Ave" portion.) Click on the "Go to the Next Step" button.

    3. Click on the button near the correct address. (If there is only one candidate address, it will already be selected.) Click "Go to the Next Step."


    Click here to see the current map showing the boundaries for the district's elementary schools.

    Click here to see current map showing the boundaries for the district's secondary (middle and high school) schools.