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Online Programs

Springfield schools knows that every family situation is different, we stand ready to support every student in their learning needs. Our district offers virtual and hybrid learning opportunities to provide the greatest flexibility and support to our students.

Students can join SPSOnline, an independent learning option with the greatest degree of schedule flexibility. SPSOnline is the district’s long-standing online option that allows students to access learning on their own schedule with regular check-ins with teachers to ensure support and success.

Families interested in accessing the SPSOnline program should submit a district transfer form before September 1.

Building administrators, are available to answer questions around in-person learning, health and safety precautions and the ways in which our schools are ready to support our students either in a hybrid or virtual learning pathway.

For additional information regarding SPSOnline, contact the Brattain Programs Administrator, Lesa Haley at (541) 744-8862.