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Welcome to Kindergarten

Sending your child to kindergarten is a fun, exciting and scary time. Your child's teacher and school staff will be working diligently to keep your child happy, healthy, safe and eager to learn.

Be willing to ask questions and listen to the answers SPS Teachers provide with an open mind. Because we are all working with the same goal in mind (your child’s education) open and clear communication between all parties is key to your child’s academic success.

parent's guide to kindergarten

Registering for Kindergarten

To enter kindergarten, children must be five on or before September 1 of the school year in which they enroll. It’s recommended that children attend kindergarten one year before entering first grade.

Online registration for the next school year opens May 1. Dates and times for each school can be found in the SPS Events Calendar.

Families may also register their students directly at the school at any time prior to the beginning of the school year. 

We encourage families to register as early as possible to help SPS in our planning and to ensure your family receives all critical information from your designated school in a timely manner.

Kindergartners follow the same schedule as their elementary school. However, they begin the school year on a “staggered start." Once registered, you will receive more details as the school year draws closer. 

FInd your school

Required Documentation for Enrollment

Proof of the child's age (either a birth certificate or hospital record that shows the date of birth), immunization records, and be ready to provide emergency contact information.

Students, whether new or returning, must also provide proof of address. This requires all three of the following:

  • Valid rental/lease agreement, escrow papers or property tax statement
  • Current resident service bill such as electric, water, gas, garbage or cable bill (cell phone or other mail is not sufficient)
  • Current driver's license or State ID card showing address

Students applying from elsewhere within or outside of our district should pay attention to Transfer Guidelines. Families are encouraged to submit transfer applications during the Open Enrollment period (March) for the best chance of getting into the desired school.


How You Can Help Your Child Learn

General Skills

  • Help your child learn to sit still and listen quietly.
  • Converse with them on a daily basis.
  • Provide opportunities to ask and answer questions.
  • Count objects together out loud, and point out letters and their sounds.
  • Help your child learn to write his or her name.
  • Expose your child to songs, rhymes, and music.
  • Read to your child every day in their home language.

Body skills

  • Teach your child to use crayons, pencils, safety scissors and glue.
  • Teach simple motor skills such as, balancing on one foot and hopping.
  • Teach your child to button and zip clothing

Independence skills

  • Encourage your child to be responsible and independent about their hygiene (including management of their own bathroom needs), getting dressed and cleaning up after themselves.
  • Have your child get used to spending time away from you by visiting with friends or family.

Social skills

  • Teach common courtesies (such as please and thank you) and social behavior.
  • Provide opportunities to socialize with other children and learn about sharing and taking turns.
  • Teach your child to follow simple directions.
  • Make sure your child can say his or her full name and address.


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Join Us for Kindergarten Welcome Night

Incoming SPS kindergartners and their families are invited to see their school, meet staff, and get prepared and excited for this important first step in their academic career!

Kindergarten Welcome Nights will be held at each school during the first two weeks of May.

Find your neighborhood school's Kindergarten Welcome Night in the SPS Events Calendar.