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Dirt path along filibert trees in Dorris Ranch
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Welcome to our Springfield Public Schools website – a central hub of information and celebration. 


As the superintendent of Springfield Public Schools, I am honored to work alongside nearly 1,500 caring and compassionate staff members. Every day, they work tirelessly to nurture and educate nearly 10,000 students.


Our district is located in the beautiful southern Willamette Valley, in Lane County. We are inspired by our surroundings to deliver an exceptional educational experience and equip our students with the skills and resilience needed for a bright and successful future.


Education forms the bedrock of a flourishing society. We are grateful for the strong partnerships between our schools and the local community. Together, we offer our students access to outstanding programs and services that cultivate their skills and explore their limitless potential with confidence.


Our students' achievements are our top priority. We continue to see growth in their achievement, graduation rates, and completion rates. This achievement is a testament to the shared commitment of our students, staff, families, and community. However, we approach this success with humility, recognizing that continuous improvement is critical to preparing our students for success beyond the classroom.


In addition to our talented staff, we value the active engagement of parents, guardians, and volunteers. Their involvement in both school and home life plays a vital role in our students' growth. Together, we can create a nurturing and supportive environment for every child.


This journey is exciting and holds great promise for our youth and community. Our mission – to support every student, every day – guides our efforts to make Springfield Public Schools a safe, welcoming, and enriching place to work and learn. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Todd Hamilton
Superintendent Springfield public schools

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Superintendent's Executive Leadership Team

David Collins headshot

Assistant Superintendent
for Instruction

David Collins
(541) 726-3262 

Brett Yancey headshot

Chief Operations Officer
Brett Yancey
(541) 726-3206

Dustin Reese headshot

Human Resources Director
Dustin Reese
(541) 726-3203 

Jeff Michna headshot

Technology Director
Jeff Michna
(541) 726-3463 

Director of Communications
and Community Relations

Brian Richardson
(541) 726-3213

Taylor Madden headshot

Equity and Inclusion Coordinator
Taylor Madden
(541) 726-3201

Executive Assistant
to the Superintendent

Martie Steigleder
(541) 726-3201