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  • A New Look for SPS Self Service

    Posted by Karen Galceran on 7/27/2017

    SPS Self Service Icon

    Take a minute to look at SPS Self Service's new look!  Many helpful links are just a click away, including Tech Tips, Web Helpdesk, Email, Synergy and more.  If the SPS Self Service icon is not in your dock, it can be found in Finder/Applications/SPS Self Service.

    SPS Self Service


    Highlighting today is one of the Featured links, SPS Refresh.  Running SPS Refresh on a regular basis will keep your computer running faster and smoother.  The process only takes about 15 minutes.  

    SPS Refresh

    On each item in Self Service, next to INSTALL is an information button. Click the "i" for more details of the specific program or process.

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  • Tip of the Day

    Posted by Karen Galceran on 7/10/2017

    If you are expecting an email and it doesn't appear in your Inbox, it may appear as Spam or Junk and is filtered to the Spam Quarantine Box.  If you find safe emails in your Spam Quarantine Box, you may release the email to your Inbox.

    Here is a quick link to our Tech Tips page with instructions on Checking your Spam Quarantine Box.

    Spam Quarantine Box

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  • Notification: Do not update to Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan)

    Posted by Patrick Elliott on 10/15/2015

    Apple has released the 10.11 version of their operating system, also known as El Capitan.  SPS Technology Services is currently advising against upgrading to this new version.  It is not currently supported in our environment or by some of our software vendors. Technology Services will email staff when this new operating system is supported.

    This update will also appear as an update in the App Store as a “free upgrade,” listed above the standard software updates.  Installing the standard updates will not automatically install the new operating system, but users should avoid the “Update All” option at this time.

    If you have questions, please contact Technology Services at 541-726-3268.  Thank you.

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  • Students Request Courses Online

    Posted by Patrick Elliott on 6/30/2015

    This spring, future Thurston and Springfield High students chose their 2015-16 courses online via their StudentVue accounts.  StudentVue is a web-based application that is available to all Springfield Schools students have access to as part of the districts Synergy student information system.  The counseling staff at the high schools and middle schools collaborated on getting this year’s 8th graders an online schedule prior to school ending in June.  The current 9th graders were also included in this process. 

    This is the first-time students were able to register for high school courses via the student system.  Next year, the high schools are already anticipating to schedule multiple grades levels online using this tool.  If you are interested in using the online course request feature in Synergy, please contact the scheduling staff (registrar, assistant principal) at your school.  They will need to make this decision during the scheduling forecasting season - early February of each calendar year.

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  • Want a Fast Computer?

    Posted by Patrick Elliott on 5/14/2015
    Tip of the Day:  Turn off your computer when you are done working at the end of each day.  
    We recommend that all workstations be powered down at the end of each work day.  This will promote lower energy costs, less hardware stress (moving parts), better system software maintenance and overall improved machine health.
    For more information on taking care of your work computer, visit our Macintosh Computer Care page on the Tech Tips website.  A happy computer = a happy user!
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