In Stream Aquatic Survey Team

  • What This Team Does:

    The in-stream habitat team uses a modified version of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Aquatic Inventories stream survey protocol. This survey method determines the viability of streams for fish populations and identifies sites that could be improved through riparian restoration efforts or other measures such as large wood projects. The protocol we have developed has been modified to conduct surveys with 10-14 students. We have adapted several measures that improve the accuracy of our data including using measurements over estimates for many parameters and multiple measures for some of the data points.

    To obtain pdf copies of data sheets for in-stream habitat assessment protocols click here

    Examples of Past Student Projects:

    2016 Lake Creek Pre-Assessment, Siuslaw Watershed

    2016 Soda Fork Creek Poster Report, Lower Santiam Watershed

  •  Students standing on logs and in a shallow stream collecting measurements