• College and Career Readiness
    Springfield Public Schools' #1 goal is for all students to graduate future ready — ready for college, ready for a career, ready for whatever comes next.
    What does it mean to be future ready? Oregon's Chief Education Office is committed to coordinating policies and partnerships to increase access for students to college level coursework while still in high school, developing a K-12 school culture that supports all students’ awareness of college and career expectations, and creating opportunities for students to assess their own levels of readiness and the long-term benefits of post-secondary education.
    How will we achieve this goal? Springfield schools are redesigning their curriculum to align to Common Core State Standards (CCSS). These standards are focused on developing critical thinking skills, and have been adopted by the state of Oregon and most other states to help students get prepared for college and careers.

    The following definition and details were adopted by the Oregon Education Investment Board in April 2014.
    College and Career Readiness Definition for Oregon

    College- and Career-Ready Oregonians have acquired knowledge, skills, and professional behaviors that provide a starting point to enter and succeed in workplace, career training or college courses leading to certificates or degrees.
    A College and Career Ready Oregonian….
    • Reasons, researches, analyzes logically in order to investigate topics, and to evaluate, integrate, and present ideas and information 
    • Exhibits the following attributes: reflection, curiosity, openness, resourcefulness, internal motivation, persistence, resilience, and flexibility 
    • Evaluates and/or applies prior knowledge of content and situations, including cultural understanding, to support comprehension
    • Tracks and reflects on progress toward educational and vocational goals
    • Employs effective speaking and active listening strategies for a range of purposes, audiences, and contexts
    • Distinguishes between opinions, interpretations, and facts
    • Uses technology to access and evaluate the reliability, credibility, and utility of information and is able to produce and/or present information 
    • Locates, analyzes and critiques perceptions, information, ideas, arguments, and/or themes in a variety of text 
    • Produces clear, effective, and accurate writing grounded in textual evidence for a range of purposes, genres, and audiences 
    • Constructs clear and precise arguments to support their reasoning and to critique the reasoning of others
    • Explains and applies mathematical concepts, carrying out mathematical procedures with precision and fluency in a variety of settings 
    • Solves a range of complex problems in pure and applied mathematics
    • Makes productive use of knowledge and problem solving strategies 
    • Analyzes complex, real-world scenarios 
    A College and Career Ready Oregonian…. 
    • Has positive values such as: caring, equity, integrity, honesty, responsibility, and restraint
    • Practices personal, time, and budget management through planning and decision-making 
    • Has a sense of support and empowerment
    • Is able to self-advocate 
    • Engages in civic and community activities
    • Works productively in new cultural settings
    • Relates and responds to individuals from various cultures 
    • Works productively in teams 
    • Understands post-secondary education options, expectations, costs, and processes 
    • Understands and evaluates career options and pathways 
    • Understands workplace requirements and business cultures 
    • Has appropriate interviewing skills
    • Is timely and reliable
    • Has appropriate workplace behaviors and occupation-specific skills
    • Is able to accept and use feedback
    • Has both personal and academic integrity and is an ethical decision maker 
    Further Resources
    Read more about how Oregon is moving forward with helping students become career and college ready, including information on specific legislation.

    Key elements of Oregon’s Definition for College and Career Readiness are already embedded in:

    Oregon Education Investment Board. (2014). Joint meeting with the Higher Education Coordinating Commission. http://education.oregon.gov/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/OEIB4_8_14.pdf