• Community College

    Two-year colleges offer comprehensive programs that lead to an associate degree or a certificate in a specified field. Courses of study include a liberal arts/transfer curriculum that provides the courses for the first 2 years leading to a baccalaureate degree; occupational/technical programs that prepare students for employment or assist those already employed to upgrade their skills; developmental education programs that help students improve their basic academic skills; and courses that respond to individuals’ and communities’ social, intellectual and recreational interests.
    • Save money; attend a local community college for the first 2 years and then transfer to a 4-year college to complete your baccalaureate degree
    • Oregon Promise Grant– A state grant that covers some or all tuition at any Oregon community college for recent high school graduates and GED recipients.
    • Career Pathways – Provides visual roadmaps of career-technical certificate programs at all Oregon Community Colleges.
    • Oregon Transfer Degree- these degrees are designed for students who want to complete the first two years of college education, with flexibility to transfer to any insitution within the Oregon University Stytem (OUS). Students must talk to individual schools for additional information.
    • Most community colleges offer courses online, at night or on weekends
    Success Tips when Applying
    • Each community college has individual scholarship programs. Don’t overlook these opportunities! 
    • Create the same type of application plan that you would for 4-year colleges
    • If a student plans to transfer to a 4-year university after graduating, they should meet with a community college advisor and ensure that courses meet the transfer requirements. 
    • Apply for dual enrollment, in which you take some courses at the community college and some at the university!

    Lane Community College Steps for Admissions:

    Step 1: Create an Email Account if you don’t already have one
    Step 2: Apply for Admission Once you have completed your credit admission on-line, you will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your application and another e-mail with your Lane ID “L” student identification number.
    Step 3: Apply for Financial Aid
    Step 4: Schedule your Placement Testing appointment (after receiving your L#)
    Step 5: Schedule a Student Orientation, Advising & Registration (SOAR) session Click here for upcoming terms’ SOAR dates. SOAR includes academic advising and new student information.  There is also an optional Money Matters workshop offered on the same day.
    Step 6: Register for Classes Instructions will be provided for Fall term students at SOAR
    If you have any questions about academic advising or programs offered at Lane Community College, contact the Counseling Department:

    • email coundept@lanecc.edu or call (541) 463-3200
    • come by the Counseling and Advising Center at the 30th Avenue campus, in Building 1, Room 103
    source: http://www.lanecc.edu/counseling/stepstoenroll.html

    LCC Foundation is Due March 1st. Make sure to get a head start on the essays: