• Google Apps for Education
    Students can log in to Google Apps for Education by using the link below. User name and passwords are the same as they are for StudentVUE and Reading Counts accounts, and are in the following format:
    Google Account: firstname.lastname@sps19.org

    Password: capital first letter of last name, lowercase second letter of last name, followed by the student ID number

    Click Google Apps to go to the login screen.

    Special Notes
    • User names are generated from the names entered into Synergy.
    • They DO NOT include spaces (spaces are converted to hyphens).
    • User names are a maximum of 20 characters.
    • Passwords may contain apostrophes (see example below).
    Example Usernames
    Carlos De La Cruz with an ID of 456789
    carlos.de-la-cruz with a password of De456789

    Jane O’Grady with an ID of 123456
    jane.o’grady with a password of O’123456

    Daniel Aguilar Espinosa with an ID of 654321
    Daniel.Aguilar-Espin with a password of Ag654321.
    Occasionally, there are students who have the same name, and thus user names will vary slightly. If you have questions about your account information, please contact your teacher.