Staff Login Help
    What if I need to activate my email account or change my password?
    Click here for the Account Activation Page. This page can only be accessed on-site from a district computer.
    What if I forget my password or my password isn't working?
    Passwords expire every 6 months.  If you believe your password has expired, you can use the Email link in the upper right hand corner of the district homepage to access your OWA Email sign in page.  Enter in your username and expired password.  You then should be given prompts to enter in a new password. 
    If you are having trouble accessing both the Intranet and your email account because you have forgotten your password, you may need to reactivate your account through the Account Activation Page.
    If you still are having problems with your password, call Tech Services at 541-726-3463. 
    How do I use the Intranet/Staff Resources area?
    Click here to watch a helpful video about the new Staff Resources area. You will be asked to log in using your district email password.
    How do I access the Intranet/Staff Resources area from home?
    Authorized staff members can use the Intranet icon located at the top right of the Springfield Public Schools Internet home page (www.springfield.k12.or.us) to log in to the Intranet system when they are at home or at work. 

    The Email button at the top right on the home page can also be used as a quick shortcut to webmail without accessing the Intranet. Staff will still be asked to log in.

    All functions will be available to staff from home except for Web Help Desk, Account Activation, and the SPS Application Portal. Those functions are on closed systems and can only be accessed from a computer within the SPS network.

    How do I log in to the Intranet?

    The employee will be asked to log in by entering his or her username and password.

    The username will be the first part of the employee's email address (that is, before the @ symbol) in the format first.last.
    The password will be the same as the email password.


    What if I am able to log in to the Intranet, but I get an error message when I try to get to the Staff Resources page?
    If you are at a district computer, file a Help Desk Ticket with the subject line "Intranet problems." If you are not able to get to a district computer to file a ticket, email Deb Jolda.
  • Student Help
    Web Help Desk  
    Please file a Help Desk ticket if you need tech support. Keep in mind that this will only work from a district computer.