Chromebook Support

  • Connecting your Chromebook to WiFi / Conectar su Chromebook al Wi-Fi

  • How to Clean a Chromebook / Cómo Limpiar un Chromebook

  • Logging Into Chromebook / Cómo Iniciar la Sesión

  • Chromebook Device Support
    Q1: Can you please share some Chrome keyboard shortcuts?

    Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts are a nice way to help teachers and students do simple tasks via the keyboard or track pad. For example, [CTRL + t] to open a new tab or [ALT + click] or [two finger tap] on the track pad to right click.

    Q2: What do I do if I’m having trouble with my Chromebook?

    Chromebook Troubleshooting and Quick Fixes (En Espanol) (Trouble shooting guides coming soon)

    Q3: Can I add a printer to my Chromebook?

    Right now chromebooks are not configured to print off of our networks.

    Q4: My caps lock is stuck on, but there is no caps lock button. 

    Press “ALT + Search” and this will turn caps lock off