Return to Learn Frequently Asked Questions

Return to Learn Basics

  • What options do families have for returning to school this year?

  • Can students go back and forth between SPSOnline and the blended learning model?

  • How will remote learning be different from the emergency distance learning in the spring?

  • Is there an all virtual option for students who do not want to attend school on-site?

  • What will the on-site schedule look like in a blended learning model?


  • Will technology be provided for students to learn remotely?

  • How will students receive special education services?

  • Will students receive letter grades?

Health and Wellness

  • Will students and staff be screened for symptoms when they come to school?

  • Will staff and students be required to wear face coverings at school?

  • What is a cohort?

  • How many students will be in a cohort?

  • How many students will be in a learning space at a time?

  • Will meals be provided on days students are at school on-site?

  • Will bus transportation be offered for our students?


  • What is the SPSOnline Program?

  • Do students have to commit to SPSOnline for the entire year?

  • Who teaches SPSOnline courses?

  • Will my teacher be paired with a teacher from their regular school?

  • What is the curriculum provided through SPSOnline?

  • When is instruction provided? Do students need to be online at a specific time each day?

  • How many hours a day will my elementary student be engaged with online learning through SPSOnline?

  • How many hours a day will my middle or high school student be engaged with online learning?

  • Does SPSOnline offer language immersion instruction?

  • Will my student be provided with technology for learning at home?

  • Can students with IEPs or those receiving special education services take classes through SPSOnline?

  • Are students attending SPSOnline eligible for meal services?