• Seesaw
    Q1: What is Seesaw?

    Seesaw is a platform that your teacher may be using to send you videos, and assignments.

    Q2: How do students access Seesaw?

    Students can access Seesaw by going to: Seesaw, choose “I am a student” and log in with the text code received by the teacher. Keep in mind, this code expires, so don’t take too long to log in. Missed your opportunity? Reach out to the teacher for an updated code.

    There is ALSO a family app you can choose to install. If your teacher is using this, they will send you information on how to log on.

    Q3: I’m in Seesaw… what now?

    Students can click on the Activities tab for any assigned activities. They can also see any posts their peers and teacher make. They may also add their own posts. 

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    How do students add posts?

    Q4: How do I login to Seesaw from my iPad/tablet?

    The Seesaw app is available for Apple, Android, and Kindle Fire devices. Download from your app store.