Process for Renting a District Facility

  • Process:

    1. Create your new login account with Community Use.  These links will help you in setting up your account.

    Online Scheduling Process: Submit your room reservation request online through the SPS Community Use website.  (If you need technical assistance in use of the SPS Community Use portal, please contact SchoolDude Tech Support at 1-877-868-3833)     If you need help with identifying your existing Organization in the system – contact the District Rental Coordinator for assistance.

    Submit an online Schedule at least fifteen (15) working days prior to the date of the event. 

    The insurance certificate naming Springfield Public Schools as the additional insured must be received before an online schedule is Activated for use of the facility. Attach the certificate to the online schedule when submitting the schedule in SchoolDude. The request will be reviewed by the District Rental Coordinator and then submitted to the School Administrator for their approval.  Once all the requirements are met, the online Schedule will be activated and notification sent to Applicant via email.  Access to the facility is not authorized until the online schedule has been completely processed and changed to "Activated". 

    Insurance Requirements for Community Users

    Springfield Public Schools requires insurance for use of its facilities by other than SSD19 staff and events.  Proof of insurance is required to register to use facilities in the Community Use section of the Building Rental User Profile. 

    Insurance requirements:

    Applicants are required to provide proof of coverage for Commercial General Liability Insurance with limits of $2,000,000 each occurrence/$4,000,000 aggregate. Springfield School District #19 must be named as an additional insured on any policy. The insurance company must have an A. M. Best rating of A- or better. Coverage shall not be cancelled or reduced without thirty (30) day’s written notice to the district. The address on the certificates should be: Springfield School District #19, 640 A St, Springfield, Oregon 97477.

    How to update insurance information on a submitted schedule or an organization's profile:

    Send a PDF of the insurance certificate to Lennie Mabus showing Springfield Public Schools as the additional insured as follows:

    Springfield School District 19
    640 A Street
    Springfield, OR  97477

    Provide the FS Schedule ID No. if a schedule was submitted in SchoolDude without attaching an updated insurance certificate to the schedule.

  • Rental Use Contact Information:

    Lennie Mabus
    ph: 541.744.6375
    fax: 541.744.6374

    Maintenance Center
    1890 42nd Street
    Springfield, OR 97477