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  • Springfield Public Schools is happy to offer an additional program to put parents' minds at ease when their student rides the bus to and from school. ZPass Plus is a program that tracks and notifies parents when a student gets on and off the school bus enhancing student safety. 

    Registered bus riders will receive a student badge that can easily be attached to their backpack and will be scanned as they enter and exit the bus each trip. The scanner will allow parents and the transportation department accurate information about when a student enters the bus and where they exit the bus on their assigned route. 

    Participation in this program is required and all registered bus riders will automatically be enrolled in the program, however, parents and guardians who wish to opt their student out of the program can print and return the below form to their student's school or the transportation office. 

    ZPass Ridership Opt-out Form (español)

    Additional information and to sign up to receive notices

  • Contact Transportation

    1890 42nd Street
    Springfield, OR 97477

    Phone: 541.744.6373
    Fax: 541.744.6379

    Office Hours:

    School days 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    Contact Us!

    Transportation & Operations Staff

    Mike Schlosser, Operations Manager

    General Education Transportation & Operations

    Tim Stephens, Asst. Supervisor
    Raenelle Culp, Admin. Secretary

    Special Services Transportation

    Ryan Dougherty, Asst. Supervisor
    Tammy Bocanegra, Admin. Secretary

    Activity Van & Driver Training

    Tammie Prock, Coordinator
    Lesley Reeves, Driver Trainer
    Tyna Julian, Asst. Trainer

  • Signing Up with ZPass

    NOTE: You must use a desktop or laptop to register your child on the ZPass + website. 

    Navigate to the ZPass Plus home screen

    Click on the blue "Sign Up Today" button. 

    Step 1: Student Information

    • Enter your student's first name
    • Enter your student's last name
      • If your student has a hyphenated name or multiple last names you may need to enter them exactly as they appear in the school database. 
    • Enter the RFID number, located on the back of the student card listed as the "ZPass Number"
    • Click "Add"
    • Verify the student information. 
    • Add any additional students. 
    • Once all students are added and verified click "Continue Sign Up"

    Step 2: Account Information

    • Enter your email address
    • Enter a password and confirm
    • Enter your first name, last name, and address. 
    • Enter your phone number and other applicable fields
    • Once all required fields are filled out click "Review Information"

    Step 3: Review Information

    • Review all information including address, phone number, and students for correct information.
    • Click "Create Account" if all information is accurate.

    Step 4: Email Confirmation

    • In order to activate your account, you must confirm your email address. The system will send an email with a confirmation link.
    • Click the link to activate your account.