• Career & Technical Education

    Mission Statement:
    The Thurston High School CTE Department prepares students for both employment and post-secondary education.  CTE courses are for all students and integrate academics with a rigorous, relevant curriculum.

    Staff Members:

    Matt LaBounty – matt.labounty@springfield.k12.or.us – Class Web Site

    Polly Kohl – polly.kohl@springfield.k12.or.us

    Greg Proden – greg.proden@springfield.k12.or.us

    Jan Hampton – jan.hampton@springfield.k12.or.us

    Ricahrd Mabie - richard.mabie@springfield.k12.or.us


    Diane Amundson – Director of Child Development Center – diane.amundson@springfield.k12.or.us

    Miranda Roach - Infant & Toddler - miranda.roach@springfield.k12.or.us 

    Thurston offers the following CTE programs:

    Family and Consumer Studies 
    Infants and Toddlers
    Preschool & Beyond(College Now credit for Infants & Toddlers and
    Preschool & Beyond combined)
    Careers with Children 1 (College Now Credit)
    Careers with Children 2 (College Now Credit)
    Preschool Interns
    Family Relations
    Creative Foods
    International Foods

    Drafting Technology —courses taught by Greg Proden

    Technical Drafting (College Now credit)
    Advanced Drafting (College Now credit)
    Architectural Drafting (College Now credit)
    Project / Leadership Drafting (College Now credit)

    Students can earn 13 college credits if they take all 4 levels of drafting.

    Manufacturing Technology — Courses taught by Polly Kohl
    Welding Technology (College Now credit)
    Machine Technology (College Now credit)
    Metal Fabrication (College Now credit)
    Electrical Circuits
    Gasoline Engines
    Electric Car Racing – Taught by Mark Bray
    Competitive Robotics

    Construction Technology—courses taught by Matt LaBounty
    Intro to Woods (College Now credit)
    Cabinet Making (College Now credit)
    Advanced Woodworking (College Now credit)
    Creative Furniture
    Project/Leadership Woods
    Computer aided manufacturing and machining

    Robotics Technology – Courses taught by Jan Hampton
    Robotics Website

    Beginning VEX Robotics
    Beginning LEGO Robotics
    Competitive Robotics 1/2/3
    Project/Leadership robotics

    Note:  Trades Academy classes are offered 2nd semester to Jr’s & Sr’s interested in apprenticeship programs in the following areas:
    Sheet Metal
    Plumbling/Pipe fitting.