Attend Class Every Day

Students in class raising hand
  • Attending Class Every Day is Important

    School attendance matters. Encouraging good attendance habits is one of most important things you can do to prepare a child for future success.

    Regular attendance helps students increase reading skills and get better grades, while poor attendance correlates with academic challenges. Your student also better develops social skills. Students who regularly attend school have a much better chance of graduating on time.

    Students who are absent, whether unexcused or excused, for an average of just two days per month can experience negative impacts as early as kindergarten. Kids who don’t read at 3rd grade level in the third grade are less likely to graduate because they aren’t able to read to learn.

    Springfield Public Schools and the Springfield community are committed to promoting and supporting students’ attendance, and have many services to help families overcome attendance challenges. If you need assistance with attendance barriers, check out the resources on this page and contact your school.