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Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to some frequently asked questions can be found at the links below. Most of the link refer to documents saved as PDF files that can be opened, printed or downloaded to your computer using your favorite PDF viewing software. 
If you can't find the answer you're looking for, and don't see it elsewhere on our website (try the Site Search feature located near the top of this page), please contact us at

What are the rules around using the District's network? All users must sign the SpringNET Guidelines, which documents appropriate network use.
Who can have a school library account? Accounts are only issued to students, teachers, and administrators enrolled/assigned to a school with a library. 
I want to use social media (e.g., Twitter, Facebook) to publicize school/class events. Is it ok to do this? If so, how do I get started? Yes, it is ok to use social media, as long as you follow district guidelines. Please contact Jenna McCulley in the Communications Department for more information.