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ALICE Staff Training
  • ALICE Training

    Safety of students and staff is of the upmost importance to Springfield Public Schools, and while tragic and highly covered by media, school violence is actually quite rare.
    We at SPS are acutely aware of the tragic nature of such situation and are committed to equipping our schools with the best practices to keep everyone safe. The way that we have trained for dangerous intruders is not changing, it is evolving. SPS is implementing best practices and is working in collaboration with our local law enforcement partners to implement the ALICE method.

    ALICE empowers everyone to use his or her best judgment on each unique situation.

    ALICE stands for Alert Lockdown Inform Counter Evacuate.

    Here you will find resources and materials for staff, parents and the community to better understand both the ALICE response method and the way in which it will be implemented here at SPS.

    About ALICE Training 
    Our district has been making some important changes to our approach to emergency training for staff. Many districts, including Eugene 4J and Bethel, are implementing similar changes, consistent with the national ALICE training model.
    Discussions about increasing school violence are uncomfortable, but we need to change how we respond should an incident happen so that we minimize the danger to students and staff.

    All district staff were directed to participate in this mandatory training before the school year began.

  • Risk Management Contacts:

    Brett Yancey, Chief Operations Officer

    640 A Street
    Springfield, OR 97477