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  • Asbestos Notification

    Pursuant to the requirements of the AHERA Act and the Management plan, section XV, titled Plan Distribution and Notification, the LEA is required to annually notify the public of the management plan availability and actions taken.

    To parents, students, teachers, staffs and their respective organizations:

    The Asbestos Hazards Emergency Response Act (AHERA) of 1987 identifies school district and Local Education Authorities (LEA) and requires such authorities and school districts to formulate a plan for the identification, inspection, re-inspection and maintenance of asbestos containing building materials used in many common building components and to provide a management plan /book for recording all pertinent information and documentation of these initial and ongoing observations and activities. AHERA also requires that the LEA make this plan available to anyone entering and using a district facility.

    Springfield Public Schools has complied with these Federal requirements for formulating such plans and has followed the guidelines for the inspection and re inspections as proscribed in the AHERA Act.  

    We provide ongoing maintenance, training of workers who may come in contact with asbestos materials, update the management plan as activities present themselves and contract with certified business for the testing and removal of known and found materials which may be disturbed during necessary repairs or projects. Each school site and district building has a management plan specific to that particular building.

    The plan/book is available to all interested persons and must be acknowledged by anyone who may provide services to that building and may disturb building systems, such as wall and ceiling finishes, thermal insulation, fire retardant compositions or floor tiles, identified as asbestos containing.

    Management plans are available in the main office of each school building.

    The plan requires six-month and three-year re-inspections to determine the condition of known or assumed asbestos containing building materials. Six-month inspections are ongoing. Our scheduled three-year inspections were completed in 2011. We continue to provide maintenance on non-friable materials, classified as short-term, small-scale projects, including the cataloging, storage and disposal in approved landfills.

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