Transition Services

  • SPS provides transition services to special needs youth who have an Individual Education Program, or IEP, in conjunction with the students' academic classes. Transition services cover the four main domains of transition:

    • Education
    • Employment
    • Independent Living
    • Community Participation

    Transition during high school

    Transition services begin at the high school level, assisting students with the transition from middle to high school. In the later years of high school, students begin to learn skills to help them transition from high school to adult life. 

    Transition after graduation

    Community Transition Program:

    • While many students who experience disabilities complete high school with a traditional diploma and move on to employment or continuing education, others finish with either a modified diploma or a certificate of completion, and are eligible to continue receiving district special education transition services through the school year they turn 21 years of age.
    • These students may choose to access these transition services through the Community Transition Program, or CTP.
    • CTP students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of hands-on, community based activities, including work experience, shopping, cooking, city bus access, recreation, and more.
    • CTP staff also assist students with connecting to various adult service agencies that are essential to smooth transition out of district services.

    Youth Transition Program:

    • The district also offers working-age students with disabilities access to the Youth Transition Program, or YTP.
    • YTP operates through a grant from the state Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Services, or OVRS.
    • YTP is charged with providing students opportunities to build work skills.
    • YTP creates program revenue and provides work experiences for students through the Transition Garden Project and the CTP Coffee Cart.  
  • Contact Transition Services

    Brattain House
    1030 G Street
    Springfield, OR 97477

    ph: 541.744.6704

    Transition Staff

    Hai Nguyen, Supervisor

    Sally Mann, CTP teacher

    Joyce Douglas, YTP coordinator

    Tim Canter, Transition Assistant


  • Resources


    Support Our Students

    • Want to support our transition students and programs? Look for the Transition Garden booth at the Springfield Farmers Market each summer, or order drinks from the Coffee Cart, located at Springfield City Hall.