Parent Rights

  • These documents provide important information about parent/guardian rights. 

    Student Directory Information

    Important information about your rights regarding: 

    • The use of student directory info, which includes the student's name, photo, contact information, grade, school, etc.
      • If you do not want any or all of this information released, you will need to complete the form and return it to your child's school.
      • If you do not notify the District in writing, it is understood the District has your consent to release the directory information.

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    Teaching and Curriculum

    Important information about your rights regarding:

    • HIV/AIDS curriculum
    • Review of any instructional material
    • Learning about staff qualifications

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    Teacher Qualifications

    Parents with students in Title I schools have a right to formally request teacher qualifications. 

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    Student Rights and Responsibilities

    Detailed handbook outlining student expectations and rights.

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