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    find it fast Change my password

    Your Active Directory password (for email, intranet, Synergy, Google, etc.) expires every 6 months.  You will get a email reminder when it is time to change you password.

    • If you want to change your password before it expires, you can change it within your staff email, under Settings, or through the SPS Portal/RapidIdentity under Profiles.  See our Tech Tips page for details.
    • If you believe your password has expired, you will not be able to access intranet, but still can change your password within your OWA email:
      • From the district homepage, click on the find it FAST button in the upper right of the screen, then STAFF EMAIL button.  
      • Enter in your username and expired password.
      • You will be given prompts to enter in a new password.
    • If you are having trouble accessing both the intranet and your email account because you have forgotten your password, you will need to reactivate your account through the Account Activation Page
    • If you still are having problems with your password, call Tech Services at 541.726.3463.

    Activate my email account 

    • If you have a new account, go to the Account Activation Page and complete the required information.
    • To complete activation, you will need to access this page within a district building (it will not work from home.)
    • You may receive a warning that the site is not safe. Click through.
    • Call Tech Services at 541-726-3463 if you need assistance.

    Log into the intranet

    • The intranet/staff resources area is now on a separate subsite.
      • To access, go to the district homepage find It FAST menu and click on the Staff Intranet button.
      • You will need to log in using your email username (first.last) and password.
      • As always, you may access the intranet from any computer.
      • All functions will be available to staff from home except for Web Help Desk and Account Activation. Those functions are on closed systems and can only be accessed from a computer within the SPS network. 

    Find things on the intranet

    intranet menu



    • Note that the Google search function will still not work on protected files. However, there are now multiple ways to find what you are looking for:
      • For commonly used Apps, like Synergy, BizPortal, TalentEd, etc., click on the Applications button in the center of the page.
      • If you are looking for a particular form, click on the Forms button in the center of the page.
        • All commonly used district forms may be accessed from this page.
      • You may also search for a topic using the Quick Links menu at the top of the page, organized either by Alpha or by Category.
      • For commonly accessed information, you can also try the I Need To... dropdown menu at the top of the page.
      • Also try the Find It Fast menu at the top right.
      • Lastly, if you know the department that created the resource, you can navigate to that department.
    • If you receive an error message logging into the intranet:
      • Try accessing your email. If you can get to your email but not the intranet, it's not a password issue. Contact Tech by emailing
      • If you can't get to either email or the intranet, try the Account Activation Page to refresh your email account. Then try the intranet again.

    Access OWA webmail

    • Go to the district homepage or intranet homepage, access the find it FAST menu and click on the STAFF EMAIL button.
    • Log in with your email address and password.
    • Create a bookmark for easy access in the future.
    • Webmail may be accessed from any computer.
  • Help with Student Accounts


    • Please file a Web Help Desk ticket if you need tech support.
    • Keep in mind that WHD will only work from within a district building (will not work from home.)