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    find it fast Change my password

    Your Active Directory password (for email, intranet, Synergy, Google, etc.) expires every 6 months.  You will get a email reminder when it is time to change you password.

    • If you want to change your password before it expires, you can change it within your staff email, under Settings, or through the SPS Portal/RapidIdentity under Profiles.  See our Tech Tips page for details:
    • If you believe your password has expired, you will not be able to access intranet, but still can change your password within your OWA email or SPS Portal/RapidIdentity:
      • From the district homepage, click on the find it FAST tab in the upper right of the screen, then choose STAFF EMAIL  or SPS PORTAL.  
      • Enter in your username and expired password.
      • You will be given prompts to enter in a new password.
    • If you are having trouble accessing both the intranet and your email account because you have forgotten your password, please contact your school secretary, Ed Tech Leader, or call Tech Services to help you reset it, 541-726-3463.

    Activate my email account 

    • If you have a new account, go to the Claim Account page and complete the required information.
    • Call Tech Services at 541-726-3463 if you need assistance.

    Log into the intranet

    • The intranet/staff resources area is on a separate subsite.
      • To access, go to the district homepage find It FAST menu and click on the Staff Intranet button.
      • You will need to log in using your email username (first.last) and password.
      • As always, you may access the intranet from any computer.
      • All functions will be available to staff from home except for Web Help Desk and Account Activation. Those functions are on closed systems and can only be accessed from a computer within the SPS network. 

    Find things on the intranet

    intranet menu



    • Note that the Google search function will still not work on protected files. However, there are now multiple ways to find what you are looking for:
      • For commonly used Apps, like Synergy, BizPortal, TalentEd, etc., click on the Applications button in the center of the page.
      • If you are looking for a particular form, click on the Forms button in the center of the page.
        • All commonly used district forms may be accessed from this page.
      • You may also search for a topic using the Quick Links menu at the top of the page, organized either by Alpha or by Category.
      • For commonly accessed information, you can also try the I Need To... dropdown menu at the top of the page.
      • Also try the Find It Fast menu at the top right.
      • Lastly, if you know the department that created the resource, you can navigate to that department.
    • If you receive an error message logging into the intranet:
      • Try accessing your email. If you can get to your email but not the intranet, it's not a password issue. Contact Communications by emailing
      • If you can't get to either email or the intranet, call Tech Services at 541-726-3463.

    Access OWA webmail

    • Go to the district homepage or intranet homepage, access the find it FAST menu and click on the STAFF EMAIL button.
    • Log in with your email address and password.
    • Create a bookmark for easy access in the future.
    • Webmail may be accessed from any computer.
  • Help with Student Accounts


    • Please file a Web Help Desk ticket if you need tech support.
    • Keep in mind that WHD will only work from within a district building (will not work from home.)