Transportation FAQ

  • Q. Who can ride the bus?

    1. According to school district guidelines, in order to be considered an eligible bus rider:
      • Elementary students must live more than 1 mile from their designated neighborhood school.
      • Secondary (middle and high school) students must live more than 1.5 miles from their designated neighborhood school.

    Q. Can transfer students take the bus?

    1. No, parent/guardians must provide transportation for approved transfer students to and from school, regardless of documented disability.
      • Transfer students may, however, apply for a Temporary Rider Permit (available on the District Forms page).
        • Permits are granted on a space-available basis and may be withdrawn if bus ridership changes.
        • Permits are valid only in the school year granted.
        • Students must be able to walk to an existing bus stop safely - they will not be allowed to cross 3- or 4-lane roads alone to arrive at the bus stop. No new stops will be created for temporary riders.
        • Students must have the same transportation schedule and bus stop location each day of the week.

    Q. What if my student needs to go to day care?

    1. Students who are not otherwise eligible to ride the bus may apply for a Temporary Rider Permit (available on the District Forms page) for transport to day care or another location. 

    Q. What if my child needs to be dropped somewhere else?

    1. Bus drivers must receive a signed note from a parent or guardian that is also approved and signed by the school principal.
      • The student may only get off at a different stop on their assigned route.
      • Students may not ride home on a route that is different from the one in which they were assigned.

    Q. Can my child go home with another student?

    1. Yes, as long as they are both on the same bus route, with a note. (See above.)
      • Students who are not assigned to the bus may not ride home with another student.

    Q. Who can greet my child at the bus stop?

    1. Kinders taking the bus will not be dropped off at their bus stop after school unless they are greeted by an authorized adult or accompanied by an authorized older sibling in 3rd grade or older. 

    Q. My student is not eligible to ride the bus. What options are available for her to get to school safely?

    1. Springfield's Safe Routes to School program provides helpful information to students who walk or bike to school. Check with your child's school for walking maps with recommended routes, or to see if they have volunteer-led "walking school buses" that allow students to travel safely to school in larger numbers. 

    Q. How can I help prepare my child for riding the school bus?

    1. Riding the school bus is a privilege that can be denied if bus regulations are not followed. It is definitely helpful for students to be aware of the "rules of the road" and that they need to follow the instructions of the school bus driver.