Application Tips

Free & Reduced Application Tips
    • For faster processing, mail or deliver your application form directly to the Nutrition Services office at 640 A St., Springfield, OR 97477. Giving it to the school will slow down processing time.
    • Paper applications must be clean and free of any additional wrinkles or spills, please.

    • Here are some simple points that help to ease the frustration and problems that occur when there are delays in processing applications. Note that government regulations require that applications be filled out correctly and completely.

    There is only one form to fill out.

    • Read the instruction sheet CAREFULLY and follow the directions.
    • Fill out the form with a BLACK or DARK BLUE INK pen.
    • Fill out all the requested information.  Incomplete forms cannot legally be processed. Failure to fill out the forms correctly will cause delay in receiving food benefits.
    • Until an application has been approved, each household will be required to pay full price for school meals.
    • If more than one child in a household is attending Springfield Public Schools, list the name of each elementary, middle, and high school student in the household on the same form.
    • Applications will be accepted at any time during the school year. If household income goes up or down due to job loss, etc., you may reapply.
    • Children do not have to be U.S. citizens to qualify for free or reduced-cost meals.
    • Homeless, runaway and migrant children may qualify for free meals with an application coordinated between school officials and Nutrition Services.
    • All people living in a household must be listed on the application, related or not (grandparents, other relatives, or friends). Also include the applicant and all other children living in the household.  
    • If household income is not always the same, list the amount the household normally gets. If the household gets normally $1000 each month, but last month only got $900, put down $1000 per month.