Free and Reduced Lunch Program

Free & Reduced Lunch Program
  • Children need to eat healthy food to learn. Free and reduced-price meals are available to students who qualify.

    Free and Reduced Lunch

    If your child attends another Springfield school, you will need to fill out a free and reduced meal application to become eligible. 

    • Children may qualify for free or reduced price meals if total household income is at or below the amount of Federal Income Guidelines.
    • Children in households receiving Food Stamps or TANF and most foster children can receive free meals regardless of household income.
    • Households receiving WIC, Oregon Health Plan or other governmental assistance may qualify.
    • See application information at right. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need to apply for each child separately?

    • No, only one application is required per household, and all household members should be listed. Foster children are now considered members of the household. 
    Do I have to reapply each year?
    • Yes. A new application must be submitted each school year in order to determine eligibility for the current school year. The Free and Reduced Household Application needs to be processed by mid-October in order to continue to be eligible for free and reduced lunch.
    What if my financial situation changes during the year?
    • You can submit an application at any time during the school year. If household income goes up or down due to job loss, etc.
    How does the school know what our status is?
    • Springfield Public Schools has a computerized system that is networked from the central office to all of the schools. School computers are automatically updated with information. When the child enters his or her student ID number, the computer will have the needed information to process them as a Free, Reduced or a Paid meal. 

    I don't want anyone else to know that we are getting free lunch.

    • The SNAP system used by the school district (School Nutrition Accountability Program) not only manages the data but assures parents that other students cannot know who is on the federal subsidized program. Confidentiality is taken very seriously and assured.
    What if I disagree with the decision about my eligibility?
    • You may ask for a hearing by writing to: Brett Yancey, 640 A Street, Springfield, OR  97477. 
  • Resources 

    • Do You Qualify?
    • To Apply
      • Apply online
      • Fill out a paper form
        • Applications are mailed to student homes by mid-August.
        • Applications are also available at the Nutrition Services office or at any Springfield school.
        • Return to Nutrition Services (640 A Street).
      • Application Tips