Transferring within or inter Springfield Public Schools

    • Within-district transfer requests apply to students who live within Springfield Public Schools attendance boundaries who wish to attend another school in this district.
    • Inter-district transfer requests apply to students who reside outside Springfield Public Schools attendance boundaries and wish to attend a Springfield school. Inter-District transfer windows are open to incoming K-11 nonresident students.

    Transfers for the 2023 - 2024 School Year

    The best time to apply for the coming school year is during the month of January.

    High Priority Period

    January: Within-district and inter-district families requesting transfers to Springfield school may submit applications beginning January. The month of January is considered a "high-priority" period for transfer requests.

    Transfer requests are processed based on a four-tiered priority list:

    1) Returning seniors are given top priority. 2) Students requesting to return to their current school for the next year and 3) siblings of a student that will be attending the requested school will be given priority over 4) new applicants.

    Requests received during the High Priority or Phase 2 Transfer periods will be approved provided they do not exceed the desired grade-level or school capacity.

    Phase 2 Transfers

    Beginning March 1st 

    Transfer requests received on or after March 1st will be processed after requests received during the high-priority window and will be approved on a space-available basis.

    Once approved, transfers are valid until the student completes the highest grade at that level (in other words, moving from elementary to middle school, or from middle to high) or moves from the address the transfer was originally approved for.

    Read the full guidelines attached to the forms for within-district transfers for more detailed information.


    Application forms for the coming school year will be available in late December.

    Forms will be accepted January 2nd.

    Submitting Requests:

    Completed transfer request forms must be submitted to the Instruction Office (640 A Street, Springfield) by personal delivery, regular mail, email or fax.

    Q. I am interested in applying for the Dual Immersion program. Do I need to submit a transfer application?

    A. No, applicants to the district's Dual Immersion program, currently located at Guy Lee Elementary School, do not need to submit a separate transfer application, but they must apply to the program according to the deadlines shown above. As with other transfers, January is still the best time to apply for the program from within our district. If you miss this window, April 1st would be the next opportunity to apply. Visit the dual immersion enrollment page for more information or to apply.

    Q. How does transportation work for transfer students?

    A. The parent/guardian must provide transportation for approved transfer students to and from school, regardless of documented disability.

    Q. Do I need to reapply for the transfer?

    A. New this year: Students on a within-district or high-priority inter-district transfer do NOT need to reapply for a transfer each year if they are staying at the same school and have not moved from the address of approval. Students WILL need to reapply when changing from elementary to middle or from middle to high school or if they have moved from the address of the original approved transfer.

    Q. How do we get notified?

    A. Families submitting transfer requests will be notified in writing of approval or change in status. Notifications are made after May 1, and every attempt is made to notify families before the start of the new school year.

    Please note: Students are expected to pre-register and complete final registration for the school in their attendance area even though a request for a transfer has been submitted. Students without an approved transfer cannot register at the registered school or sign up for or practice with athletic teams or other activity groups.