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    It's never too early to understand what options are available for financing your child's college education. This page is intended to provide some resources that you can use to help.
    College can be expensive, but most students find that they can gather what they need through a variety of methods. Pretty much everything starts with the FAFSA.
    • grants and loans at the federal level through the FAFSA form (can be completed for the following school year starting on Oct. 1)
    • grants and scholarships at the state level through OSAC, the Office of Student Access and Completion
    • scholarships and work-study at your school(s) of choice
    • scholarships and grants at the community level through public and private agencies and organizations.
    Pay close attention to the deadlines for any application!

    What you'll need to fill out the FAFSA:
    Filling out the FAFSA is easier than ever, thanks to an IRS Data Retrieval Tool that will look up your most recent tax return for you. It should just take a few minutes to fill out. Read a quick summary here.

    The Oregon Promise grant was created to offset tuition costs for students attending community college after other state and federal grants are applied. The grants are open to new high school graduates and GED recipients. For more information, visit the Oregon Student Aid website, watch an introductory video, view the flyer, or read an FAQ about funding from the state legislature.

    Parents, do you know about the Oregon College Savings Plan? This is a "tax-advantaged" way to save money for your student(s)' education. You can choose from a variety of options to invest your contributions, and all contributions and earnings are free from federal and Oregon state income tax as long as they are used for qualified expenses at any eligible educational institution nationwide. (There is an upper contribution limit to qualify for a tax deduction.)

    The OSAC page is a great place to start looking for aid. OSAC offers lots of resources to help Oregon students plan and pay for college (including this fantastic page on How to Get Financial Aid).
    One application through OSAC (due March 1 at 5 p.m.) allows students access to more than 500 scholarships. There are also a number of scholarships and grants available, including:
    Federal subsidized loans have low interest rates, deferred until six months after graduation. They also offer unsubsidized loans that begin to accrue interest immediately. There are also separate opportunities for graduate students, and a Perkins loan. There's a Pell Grant, a TEACH grant for those who plan to be teachers and a Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant.
    Who Gets Aid? provides basic eligibility criteria for federal aid.
    Want an estimate of how much aid you'll get? Check out the FAFSAcaster.

    For more information, visit:

    The THS College and Career Center offers a variety of resources to help students get funding for college.
    The Career Center at SHS can help students find many educational, career, and scholarship opportunities.
    Local colleges:
    Scholarship opportunities:

    Guide to Scholarships for Hispanic and Latino Students

    Misc resources: