• Springfield Board of Education Goals



    In the spirit of developing creativity and innovation in each of our students, the Springfield Public Schools Board of Education is committed to infusing these valuable strengths into each of the following goals:

    Goal 1: Student Achievement Milestones
    Now: Continuous improvement for every student at his or her level.

    2015: 3rd-graders reading at grade level or above.

    2020: 8th-graders reading at grade level and algebra-ready.

    2025: Every student graduating career- or college-ready.

    Goal 2: Communications

    We will communicate and collaborate with SPS staff and community to solve current issues and achieve our vision.

    Goal 3: Upward Advocacy

    We will advocate on a local, state and federal level to ensure quality policy decisions and a level of revenue and funding that aligns with stated educational goals for the students of SPS.

    Goal 4: Leading Technology for Learning

    We will expand instructional technologies for learning, creating technology-rich schools.