Community Use of District Facilities

  • Springfield Public Schools desires to be responsible stewards of district resources, including the facilities provided by the community. Our facilities are a community asset, and it is the administrative practice of the school district to make schools available for public use under responsible adult supervision.

    Rental opportunities are available in adherence with district policies, and should not interrupt school programs or classes, not harm district fields, buildings, or budgets and maintain safe and secure environments for students, staff and the public.

    In addition, the District is vested in supporting community activities of a civic or recreational nature that are deemed appropriate. Use of facilities for partisan, political or sectarian purposes may be granted with Superintendent or Board of Education approval.

    The District reserves the right to grant or deny permission for use of district fields and/or buildings at its sole discretion. In most cases, use by local students will have priority over adult and/or organizational activities.

    Recently, SPS converted our rental process for outside entities to an online platform. Below please find a link to the new system as well as helpful resources about utilizing district facilities. Please note, begining January 1, 2020 the district adopted a new fee structure for outside rentals.

  • Rental Use Contact Information:

    Lennie Mabus
    ph: 541.744.6375
    fax: 541.744.6374

    Maintenance Center
    1890 42nd Street
    Springfield, OR 97477