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Human Resources
Licensed Substitute Application Process
The substitute teaching pool is now OPEN! 
Returning Substitutes please complete your Safeschools trainings and call 541.726.3272 when they are complete.
If you have already completed school safety training through another district for the upcoming school year, you do not have to take the trainings again.  If this is the case, a copy of your training certificate will be accepted as documentation of this requirement. This can be delivered to HR or emailed to  
Please note that you will not be activated in the Aesop system until we receive a copy of your training certificate. 



Apply online through TalentEd Recruit & Hire
*Please read the steps prior to clicking on the links provided*
1.  Click on the following link to begin the application process
     through TalentEd Recruit & Hire:                                                                           Licensed Substitute Teacher Application
2.   Applicant will be required to do one of the following:
     - Create a TalentEd account
     - Login as an existing TalentEd user with applicants current 
       username & password 
3.  Complete and submit the online Licensed Substitute
     Teacher application. 


Electronic paperwork and hiring process
After applying online, the Human Resource Office will gather
required information from applicant's application. If applicant
meets all licensed requirements, the Human Resource office 
will contact applicant and send electronic paperwork to the
applicant via email (which would include AESOP information). 
After the electronic paperwork is complete, we request the
applicant to bring two forms of ID to the district office.
Which would include:
         A valid Passport OR two (2) pieces of Federal or State
         issued identification (such as a current driver's license,
       social security card, birth certificate, military ID, etc.) 


SafeSchools training and activation
After paperwork is complete and  have copies of applicants
ID, the Human Resource office will send a SafeSchools link to
applicant.  The applicant is required to complete all SafeSchools
training prior to starting employment with Springfield Public
**If applicant has already completed school safety trainings
through another district for the upcoming/current school year,
applicant doesn't need to take the trainings again.  If this is the
case, a copy of applicants training certificates will be accepted
as documentation of this requirement. This can be delivered to
HR or emailed to 
Lastly, once all the steps listed above have been completed,
The Human Resource office will activate applicant in AESOP,
which will allow the applicant to search and accept assignments. 
**If applicant needs additional AESOP training, the Human
Resource office will schedule an orientation based upon
applicant's request. 


        If you were inactive during the 2015-2016 school year, you 
        will not be considered a
Returning Substitute and will need 
        to apply as a New Substitute.

        STEP 1 

        Complete SafeSchools Online Training Tutorials, or provide the District with a copy of your current training certificates from another district 
The training is a requirement and must be completed annually. 
        To login to SafeSchool visit:
        For SafeSchools, your username is one of the  following:
        first two (2) letters of your 
and the last five (5) digits of your social 
        security number.
        Example:  John Doe = DO25478 
      first two (2) letters of your 
and the eight (8) digits of your birthdate 
        Example:  John Doe = DO12231972

        STEP 2  
Register Yourself in Aesop
       Once Human Resources receives notification of completion from
       SafeSchools (this may take up to 24 to 48 hours),
       or copies of your current training certificates, Human 
       Resources will activate you in Aesop.  Once activated,
       you may proceed with the pre-registration process. (This
       process may take up to 24 hours or the next business day).
       Aesop Login Options:
       Call:  1-800-942-3767
       Web Address:
       Mobile Device:
       Aesop ID:  Your phone number (the number you identified on             your application)
       Aesop PIN:  You will be given a temporary PIN, once you login             you will have to reset your PIN

If you have further questions, please contact the Aesop Help Desk at (541) 726-3488.