Vision Screening

  • To ensure that students can see to read, Oregon state law requires that children seven and under must have their vision tested before registering for school in the fall. Parents may bring documentation to the school when they register.

    If your child has already had an eye exam, parents just need to submit a certificate or note from the doctor within 4 months of school starting.

    In 2013, the Legislature passed House Bill 3000 that requires education providers to collect "certification" that students entering the public school system for the first time have received vision screening and/or an eye examination.

    • The law requires that public school students seven years of age or younger, or beginning a program with an education provider, to have vision screening or an eye exam.
    • Families must provide schools with documents certifying that the student has received vision screening as well as documentation on any further examinations or necessary treatments needed.
    • The rule further specifies that the certification must be provided within 120 days after the student begins the educational program.

    Please note that students will NOT be kept out of school if they do not have an eye exam.

    SPS health services is partnering again with the local Lions Club of Springfield and the Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation to provide vision exams to all elementary students. Letters with the results of the screening will be sent home to families.

    Additional Vision Screening Resources:

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    Contact the health aide or counselor in your student's school for additional resources.

    Click here for the most up-to-date screening results by school.


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