District Academic Calendar

  • 2022-23 School Year Calendars


    Important information about the 2022-23 school year:

    Elementary / Trimester Schedule

    Nov. 30: End of Trimester 1 (No school for elementary students)

    Dec. 1-2: Grading / Conferences (No school for elementary students)

    March 17: End of Trimester 2 (No school for elementary students)

    June 16: Last Day of School/ End of Trimester 3 (Early Release)


    Secondary / Semester Schedule

    Nov. 3: End of Quarter 1 (No school for middle and high school students)

    Nov. 5: Grading/ Planning/ Conferences (No school for middle and high school students)

    Feb. 2: End of Quarter 2/ Sem. 1 (No school for middle and high school students)

    Feb. 3: No school

    April 14: End of Quarter 3/ Grading day (No school for middle and high school students)

    June 16: Last day of school/End of Quarter 4/ Sem. 2 (Early Release)


    Key Dates:
    • Nov. 24-25 - Thanksgiving - No school 
    • Dec. 19 - Jan. 3 - Winter break - No school 
    • March 27- 31 - Spring break - No school 
    • Last day of school - June 16 (Early Release)
    • In-district transfers accepted during January.
    • All transfers accepted during the month of March.
    • School registration is in late August.
    Note: This is the districtwide calendar for Springfield Public Schools. For specific information regarding your school, please contact your school.
    Please see the district’s online calendar for information about district-wide events.
    Snow Days: Should more than two school days be missed due to inclement weather, those days will be added during or at the end of the school year to meet minimum instruction minutes required by the State.
    Note that Willamette Leadership Academy schools and the Academy for Arts and Academics have their own calendar. 

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