• Technology Services 

    Springfield Public Schools is committed to the academic success of all students and clearly recognizes the importance of technology as an integral part of teaching and learning to meet this goal.
    "The 21st century will require children to live, learn, and work in environments vastly different from the traditional classrooms they currently encounter. In order for students to be prepared for the demands of this new era, classrooms and schools need to reflect the changes in philosophy, teaching methods, environment, and equipment which are necessary for students to be competitive and productive in the information and communications age."
    —Oregon Educational Technology Plan

    Business leaders are increasingly calling for graduates who are more fully prepared for 21st-century careers and work places that are more dependent upon technology than ever before.
    National and state technology standards now call for the use of technology and digital tools to help teach students creative thinking and problem-solving skills; how to gather, evaluate, validate and use information; how to conduct research; and how to communicate and work collaboratively.
    Springfield's educators and technology staff are constantly seeking new ways to implement technology-rich projects into the curriculum. A keystone of the district's strategy is a goal of a 2:1 ratio of students per computer device. Achievement of this goal has been delayed by budget limitations that have limited the upgrade, replacement or extension of existing technology, resulting in uneven access to technology and online resources across classrooms and schools. 
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