• Student Graduate Transcripts

    Student high school transcripts include a student's high school academic record - their grades, GPA, credits earned, date of graduation, rank in class, and other other information about them. They are confidential and can be released only to the student or someone the student authorizes to receive them (such as an employer, college, etc.). We require authorization from the student for any request for their records. (This can be an electronic signature if from a background check service company.)

    Education Verifications: Please fax a request from your company and a signed release from the former student (signature can be electronic) to: 541-726-3313.
    Student Transcripts: Our Springfield, Oregon, graduates may obtain their student transcripts by completing the Student Records Transcript Request form.*
    A good-quality copy of photo identification must accompany your request form.
    The form allows you to select which documents you'd like to receive:
    • official transcripts: These have the official school district seal on them, and are dated and initialed by authorized staff. They will arrive in a sealed envelope, which is why official transcripts cannot be faxed. Schools, colleges or employers usually request official transcripts.

    • unofficial transcripts: Photocopied transcripts.
    *Note that some students' records may include state assessment scores. These are not included in transcripts and must be specifically requested.

    Guidelines for Requesting Transcripts:

    Please complete the request form for high school transcripts and send/fax to:

    Springfield Public Schools
    ATTN: Student Records Department
    640 A Street
    Springfield, OR 97477
    FAX:  (541) 726-3313
    You may also drop off your form in person during regular business hours. Transcripts will be ready 3-10 business days after the date of the request. Should we require more research, records may take up to 45 days to locate and release.

    Other Student Records FAQs:
    • Records for currently enrolled students: If you would like to request records for a student who is currently enrolled in a Springfield school, please contact the school where the student attends for assistance. All student records are kept at the school where the student attends.

    • Records for students who change schools: If your student moves to another district, the new school will request records from the school last attended. These records will include a student's grades, health files and any special education records.

    • If you are a school requesting records, you must contact the school last attended for those records. If you need assistance with finding the school, please call 541-726-3436.

    • Immunization records: The district does not hold copies of immunization records after the student has graduated (or after the graduation year has passed, if the student has withdrawn).

    • Special education records: As with other records, requests for current special education records (for example, copies of IEPs, etc.) should be directed to the school. Special education records for graduates are retained for three years after graduation; requests should be directed to the district's Special Programs office, 541-726-3250.

    • Note: All vital records at schools are copies, not "official" or "original" records.
    Questions? Please call 541-726-3436.