• Student Graduate Transcripts

    Student transcripts include a student's high school academic record - their grades, GPA, credits earned, date of graduation, rank in class, and other other information about them. They are confidential and can be released only to the student or someone the student authorizes to receive them (such as an employer, college, etc.).
    Our Springfield, Oregon, graduates may obtain their student transcripts by completing the Student Records Transcript Request form. A good-quality copy of photo identification must accompany your request form. Due to the quality of scanned identification, we do not accept electronic copies of requests for transcripts.
    The form allows you to select which documents you'd like to receive:
    • official transcripts: These have the official school district seal on them, and are dated and initialed. They will arrive in a sealed envelope, which is why they cannot be faxed. Schools, colleges or employers usually request official transcripts.
    • unofficial transcripts: Photocopied records.
    Note that some students' records may include state assessment scores. These are not included in transcripts and must be specifically requested.
    Guidelines for requesting transcripts:

    If you graduated more than 6 years ago, mail or fax your request to:
    Springfield Public Schools
    ATTN: Student Records
    525 Mill Street
    Springfield, OR  97477
    FAX:  (541) 726-3313

    If you graduated 6 years ago or less, mail or fax your request to the high school you last attended:

    Springfield High School
    875 7th St.
    Springfield, OR 97477
    Phone: (541) 744-4700
    Fax: (541) 744-4875

    Thurston High School
    333 58th St.
    Springfield, OR 97478
    Phone: (541) 744-5000
    Fax: (541) 744-5029

    Gateways High School
    665 Main St.
    Springfield, OR 97477
    Phone: (541) 744-8862
    Fax: (541) 744-8863

    Academy of Arts & Academics
    615 Main St.
    Springfield, OR 97477
    Phone: (541) 744-6728
    Fax: (541) 744-6713

    You may also drop off your form in person. Transcripts will be ready 7-10 business days following the request. All other records will be researched and may take up to 45 days to locate.
    Questions? Please call (541) 726-3227.