Goal 4: Safe and Inspiring Facilities

SHS Mural
  • We Will Create Safe and Future Ready Facilities that Inspire Learning

    Strategic Objectives to ensure safe, welcoming and innovative learning spaces:

    • Thoughtful and innovative facilities – Continue to strive for development of facilities that maintain relevance, opportunities and forward-thinking improvements.
    • Next-generation learning – Engage students in technology-rich environments that enhance teaching and learning by developing facilities and practices that are ready for next-generation learning.
    • Safe and healthy learning spaces – In prioritizing safety and the health of students and staff, the District will responsibly allocate resources toward ensuring students, staff and the community are provided secure and healthy educational environments.

    Indicators of success:

    • Ongoing re-evaluation of current district and building spaces that can be refreshed to provide additional instructional opportunities.
    • Update 10-year-old capital improvement plan that includes identification of concerns and recommendations to protect the structural integrity of district facilities.
    • Continue the ongoing upgrades of wireless networks at school buildings throughout the district to ensure that students and staff have smooth and easy access to instructional tools and materials.