SHS Orchestra Student
  • We Will Provide Personalized Learning Opportunities for Every Student

    Strategic Objectives to meet personalized learning needs:

    • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support – Specify what students need to know and are able to do through aligned standards, student-friendly learning targets, highly effective instructional strategies and common assessments. 
    • Quality Instruction – All staff use instructional strategies and initiatives that are grounded in evidence-based practices, strengthen the core academic program, increase the quality and quantity of learning time, and address the learning needs of all students.
    • High School Success – Design an intentional educational system around personalized student learning, interests and support.
    • Inspiring and Cutting Edge Facilities – Create instructional spaces that are welcoming, engaging, comfortable and enhance the learning opportunity for students.
    • Accessible and Innovative Technology – Ensure that all students and staff have timely and appropriate access to online tools to meet instructional needs.

    Indicators of success:

    • District and school leadership teams meet regularly to set goals, develop implementation plans and review progress toward goals set forth in plans.
    • Curricular materials are provided for all content areas that are aligned to standards and support high-quality instruction.
    • Staff develop positive, predictable and safe environments that promote strong interpersonal relationships with their students, maximizing learning time and creating an inclusive environment where diverse backgrounds and perspectives are valued.
    • Increase in class offerings in the area of CTE, including the development of a Natural Resources and Fine Arts program of study.
    • Increase in equitable student access to meaningful work force experiences, through awareness of opportunities, apprenticeships and employment.
    • Completion of additional learning spaces that support individual opportunities for students, including: welding upgrades, middle school STEAM spaces.