Goal 1: Student Success

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  • We Will Promote Growth and Success for Every Student

    Strategic Objectives to support student growth and success:

    • Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum – Specify what students need to know and be able to do through aligned standards, student-friendly learning targets, highly effective instructional strategies and common assessments in order to improve academic achievement and opportunity to learn for all students.
    • Highly effective staff and systems to support teaching and learning – Develop and conduct a comprehensive job specification study to ensure licensed, classified, and administrative employees are performing appropriate functions within the scope of each position.
    • Responsible deployment of resources – Restructure the distribution of work in Human Resources department to better serve the needs of the District.

    Indicators of success:

    • Teachers and administrators implement an articulated curriculum that includes instructional materials and assessments that are aligned to the Oregon State Standards.
    • Master schedules reflect optimal time for core instruction, and include adequate time for interventions.
    • All job specifications will have clearly articulated essential duties and expectations of the position.
    • Managers and employees will have better knowledge regarding duties and roles of each classified position.
    • HR technicians become subject matter experts within assigned areas of responsibility.